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: : : ―Deberías ver los ojos de Axel ―contesté dándole la espalda mientras caminaba hacia la ventana que (no fue ninguna sorpresa) estaba cubierta por tablas.
«Incluso tú llorarías al ver esos ojos.» : : :

jueves, 17 de marzo de 2011

Otro extracto...

“It took a moment for Jeff to realize that Stephen was walking away down the curb. His legs tensed up, forcing the beer can to upend and clatter to the asphalt. Jeff was about to reach for it when he saw that Stephen had stopped several yards from the Honda, his head cocked toward the night sky. And then Jeff saw it, too.

Jeff´s first thought was: Impossible.

The halo of the streetlight just beyond Stephen was frenzied with flecks of white. They looked like moths. Jeff felt icy pinpricks across the back of his neck. He reached up instinctively and brought his hand away: moisture on his palm. Stephen was set in place. The air was filled with it, tumbling flecks of white that dappled the pavement around them.

“Snow,” Stephen said, his voice resonant with revelation. He reached out and lifted his head, squinting. Laughter broke from within him.

For a brief instant, Jeff believed that Stephen had caused it. But no, he was the angel embracing it ―a tall, wiry silhouette, head thrown back, arms thrown out to embrace de falling impossible.

Jeff wrapped his arms slowly around Stephen´s waist from behind. His hand did not clasp around Stephen´s stomach until Stephen tilted his head back slightly, opening his eyes only to be blinded by the snow. Jeff felt Stephen go rigid for a second, before his body slowly rocked back against Jeff´s, allowing Jeff´s entire weight to support him. Stephen´s arms wilted to his sides. Jeff´s lips met the nape of Stephen´s neck with a hot rush of breath. He held his mouth there as Stephen´s head gently rolled backward, fitting perfectly onto Jeff´s shoulder.

Jeff´s bottom lip became delicately caught between both of Stephen´s. Half a minute passed before Stephen opened his mouth. For a while they shared breath. Both felt for the first time what it was like to be lost in another person and momentarily free of one´s self.

Desire. Balance. Hunger. Their relationship had blossomed in the weeks following their unexpected reunion. In each other´s presence they felt filled, each man answering some question that had been nagging the other all his life. They attacked each other´s bodies with a mutual ferocity.

And now Jeff was taking Stephen to a frat party.”

A density of souls: a novel/Christopher Rice.―1st ed.

ISBN 0-7868-6646-2

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